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Welcome to Reprolabs

Welcome to Reprolabs. We Develop, Promote & Sell Systems, Products & Services for the Preparation, Cultivation and storage of human cells & tissue for assisted reproductive technologies. Reprolabs is committed to providing Gynaecologists with wide range of state of the-art-Andrology laboratory services for treating Male infertility throughout the year.

About Reprolabs

Our team consists of experienced dedicated professionals with a common goal to help couples to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. Reprolabs has been constantly striving to meet the challenge of keeping pace with new technologies in the fast changing field of reproductive medicine and is committed to bringing these technologies to physicians and their patients at reasonable cost.

Sperm Functional Tests

Antisperm Antibody Test helps to determine if there is an immunologic factor contributing to infertility. Antisperm antibodies can be produced by both men and women. Sperm Penetration Assay is used to evaluate sperm function in cases of unexplained infertility and to determine the fertilizing potential of severely oligospermic men (men with low sperm counts). Cervical Mucus Penetration Test is used to evaluate sperm penetration in cervical mucus.

Detailed Semen Analysis

Semen Analysis is an essential test for evaluating whether there is a male factor contributing to infertility. It includes a determination of color, viscosity, volume, liquefaction, pH, sperm concentration, percent motility, morphology, grade of progression and type and number of non-sperm cells (i.e. white blood cells, round cells).

Joining Hands in Assisting Life

Quality products & services for the preparation cultivation & storage of human cells & tissue for assisted reproductive technologies